Our Vision

How it works

  • We are a non-profit organization who aim to help South African children boost their education.
  • In the past decade there’s been a increase in quality education resources freely available online, In particular Khan Academy.
  • Unfortunately, these resources are difficult to access by those it could benefit the most. We want to change that.
  • Using Khan Academy, we have seen dramatic improvements in the math marks of children. In a specific example, a 14 year old girl went from achieving 15% to 60% in a 6 month period.
  • This, we believe, is the result of filling up missing education building blocks, making the subsequent blocks, that much easier to master.
  • These missing education blocks, cause many children to become despondent and finally just give up trying to learn.
  • Khan Academy can change all that. In a non pressure environment, it allows them to start from the beginning. Get up to speed in the area’s they haven’t mastered, and cement in place those they have.
  • Once you have mastered a skill, belief returns and with belief enjoyment.
  • This we believe has the potential to change the education landscape of South-Africa
  • How our program works: we identify a sponsor of a potential child. The sponsor, could be a parent, employer, or any individual with a close connection to the parent . The sponsor must be a responsible individual that has a basic know how of a computer
  • They would then be visited by an agent and be given a quick introductory session with regards to the program. A number of videos uploaded to YouTube, will also give additional info, and cover the introductory session.
  • Edu16 would then supply a device with offline Khan Academy pre installed together with other useful software. The device will also come with limited internet access , mainly to measure the progress on Khan Academy
  • The sponsors responsibility is to introduce the child to Khan Academy, monitor his progress and pass through feedback to the Edu16.


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